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Some things about me:
Growing up next to a local tavern, 1504 Moore St. Phila,Pa.  You could hear music playing into the wee hours of the morning (Emily's Bar, Barbara's Place and a few other owners). Our house was previously owned by the Liberace Family. Frank Liberace, rip, thanks Uncle Frank!  Yes "the Liberace".  Liberace would come by a couple times during my childhood. Liberace is family through marriage.  Hello Uncle Jerry L. & Cousin Susan L!...   

When I was 21, it was a very Military year...  I joined the Military...Uncle Sam.  It was a long ride. From the Chemical unit, Intel, To The Vocalist for the 276th Army band. That was fun. Rounding it out as a Combat Engineer, Why did I leave the band? Anyway, got a little banged up on my deployment, but I'm back, thanks to family ,friends and the medical team.

Back to the Music: 
I started out singing at local gigs but I needed to step up my game. So I figured I better call my friend up, Michael Nigro, drummer, may I say world class drummer, also my childhood friend who lived up the street.  We would play half-ball among other things.  I'll keep the other stories to myself.  Mike got me set up with charts and directed the band. It's been a few years since we worked together and I'm looking forward to getting things started again.  The Military and Pandemic put a hold on things, like most. Now it is time to make music.
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